Posted by: Brandon | December 1, 2009

ResourceRoom :: Personality Patterns

Team chemistry is a fickle thing. Sometimes you just have it. Other times you have to work for it. Every once in awhile, you work and work and you never seem to capture the elusive balance.

When putting together our student leadership teams, I have often used various tools to determine strengths and weaknesses within our tribe. There are an abundance of spiritual gift analysis tools. Today’s resource features a free online personality pattern analysis. The tool is designed to help you identify aspects of your personality and help you think through how your personality affects the way you interact with others.

(A word of caution: this online tool, as well as others like it, are not meant to be taken as gospel truth. For example, when you take a spiritual gift analysis, and it suggests you have the gift of teaching, it is wise to take that as it was meant to be…a suggestion. I use these tools as starting points for our team; perhaps they will help me learn something about the chemistry of our group.)

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to: Personality Patterns, presented by Psych Central. The test takes about 10 minutes to complete and is completely free. At the end, you get a  report listing your top 10 trait results.

I enjoy doing these kinds of tests with our student leadership team. It’s enjoyable when the analysis identifies traits in your students that you have already identified. And it’s eye-opening when you discover something new about your students that may present new opportunities for ministry or breakthroughs in team chemistry.

What other tools have you found to be helpful in capturing that ever-elusive team chemistry? How have you found these kinds of things to be helpful or harmful within your ministry?



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