Posted by: naccm | November 19, 2009

The Thursday3 – CCH at University of Central Missouri

Introducing University of Central Missouri Christian Campus House…

1. Tell us about your campus/ministry.

University of Central Missouri is a mid-sized suitcase campus (a good majority of the students live on campus during the week but return home on the weekends), with many students majoring in degree fields such as nursing, aviation, education, criminal justice, and the arts. Our ministry building is unique, situated on both the edge of campus and the main road that passes through Warrensburg.

2. What would you say is your niche or makes you unique on your campus?

I think the thing that makes us unique is that we have a vision and direction that helps us to go deeper than surface level and to focus on more than just the current stage of life. Our vision is, “A Jesus community helping students find their way back to God.” With this as our guide, we try to focus on the lifelong process that we are all in to find our way back to God. Our goal is not just to help students get through college or to help them avoid some of the pitfalls of college. Rather, it is to screw them up for life in the best way imaginable. We want to invite them into a journey where they are no longer able to see their life’s purpose in the same way.

3. What is your dream on a napkin?

My dream for our individual students is that they are being “screwed up in the best way imaginable”. Regardless of where in their journey they join our community, we hope they are moving forward in this process of finding their way back to God. For our community, my dream is that we make more of a lasting impact and imprint on the campus that surrounds us: to be doing something that seems unbelievable that “Christians are doing that”.

Our Staff

Brad Smith

Jenna Wright
Women’s Minister

Amy Bacon
Financial Assistant



  1. […] Here’s what she has to say…Jenna Wright I wanted to give the ladies in our profession a chance to voice their experience. So, I asked our (Impact Charlotte) new full-time female staff member (Kristen Craig) to jot down a few questions that she would ask a veteran female campus minister. This is Kristen’s first year as a full-time female staff member and the following posts is full of thoughts and advice from the ladies who have been reaching out to the University campus for years. Today we’ll hear from Jenna Wright, Campus Minister at Christian Campus House at the University of Central Missouri. […]

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