Posted by: Brandon | November 10, 2009

Resource Room — Covenant Eyes

Those in campus ministry know the problems that online pornography can cause in the lives of students…or ministers.

This week’s resource is an accountability program that you install on your computer to help foster an environment where open communication and accountability can flourish in a danger cyber-world.

The program is called Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes, when installed on your computer, will track every single website you visit. It will then “score” each sight, giving it a point value based on objectionable content. Then, every few days, that report is emailed to your accountability partners. The accountability partners can then see every website you visited, from the super-objectionable to the benign.

I have used Covenant Eyes for a few years. There are several reasons why I like it.

  • It’s not free. Yes, I like that I have to pay $8 per month for the service! It keeps me honest and financially invests me the pursuit of maintaining my internet integrity. I think this is a great investment for students to make. When they pay for the service, they have to make sacrifices to pursue holiness. I think that’s good. That, and I have used some of the free accountability programs…you do get what you pay for.
  • You cannot circumvent the system. If you want to uninstall the program, you have to get a code. And once you get that code, your accountability partners immediately get an email. There is no just “turning it off.”
  • It’s strict. Every once in awhile I will look at one of my own reports. Covenant Eyes will occasionally give high scores to tame websites. But, again, I like this. It forces my accountability people to really look at the reports and to question me when something smells fishy.

I frequently recommend Covenant Eyes to the students in our ministry who are struggling with online purity. For the guys, I will even offer to be their accountability partner; it’s vital for college students to have someone who will walk alongside them as they naviage these stumbling blocks in this season of life.

But this struggle isn’t just for students. And it’s not just for guys. If you are struggling…get a friend and get Covenant Eyes. It’s a good first move in the battle for your online integrity.



  1. Thanks for the glowing endorsement!

    As a former campus minister I know how hard it is to be a college student and keep a covenant with your eyes. Especially online.

    Have you read Porn University by Michael Leahy? Go to the CE blog to read more:

    If you are ever writing a testimony for the CE blog anytime, let me know!

  2. Brandon,
    Those of us in Purity Ministries in the CHURCH know how big a problem this is and it’s getting worse. Thanks for your great comments. We heartily endorse Covenant Eyes as well and they are listed on our resources page under one of the filters that is highly recommended. Keep up the good work. And if you know any churches/groups that need help with setting up a Purity Discipleship and Accountability groups, give us a shout…btw, come see our site!
    Tim Finlay

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