Posted by: naccm | November 5, 2009

The Thursday3 – CCF @ Vincennes University


  1. Tell us about your campus ministry.vincennes1

Christian Campus Fellowship is in its 20th year at Vincennes University. We have 4 full time staff and one part time. We have housing for girls and guys, and our weekly activities consist of Sunday morning worship, Tuesday night small groups and Thursday night worship you along with this we have several ministry teams students can get plugged into.

vincennes22.  What would  you say is your niche or makes you unique on campus?

We are the only ministry who has housing and multiple staff as well as more than one “meeting” night.

3. What is your dream on  a napkin?

I would need more than one napkin.  To be debt free and able to pay the staff better and have insurance that’s a given, so I would say to have not only “leadership housing” for students but have “Christian housing” for those who may not be leadership material, to own more housing so we can develop leaders.


THE STAFF OF CCF @ Vincennes
Scott Shipman, Campus Minister
Drew Caldwell, Worship minister
Preston Ratliff, Director of Body Life and Outreach
Audra Caldwell, Office manger
Keturah Shipman, Secretary

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