Posted by: naccm | November 4, 2009

More Thoughts on Support Raising :: Convinced & Remember the Source

5528_223027820257_779870257_7679459_6058692_nJeff Jackson, Director of Staff Development & Finances Impact Ministries International

Jeff spent 9 years as Campus Minister with Christian Student Fellowship at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, then 6 years as Assoc. Pastor with Capital Area Christian Church in Harrisburg before joining Impact about 6 years ago. He has been married to Terri for 25 years (they met thru A.C.T. campus ministry at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. They have three children, Nate (21), Ben (17) & Beka (13).

I was asked to share two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about support raising. My first thought was – “I’m not sure I’ve learned a thing!!” I’ve lived on support for all but 3 out of the last 20 years and for the last 4 I’ve helped train staff on support raising. So here’s what I think might be the most critical when it comes to raising support (by the way I prefer the phrase support raising as opposed to fund raising).

Number one: I believe that you must be convinced of your calling before you begin to raise support. I’m not talking simply about a calling to be in ministry. Obviously, you need to be called by God into ministry. Instead, I’m talking about a specific calling to be in the specific ministry where you’ll be raising support.

I once talked with a person about coming on staff with Impact. They made the following comment to me, “I believe God has called me into ministry. I love campus ministry and think I’d do well with students. If I can raise my support, that will be my sign that God is calling me to be on staff with Impact.”

backwardsI think that’s backward. I want people to know clearly that God is calling them to come on staff with Impact. Impact is a ministry where we all raise support, so to receive a calling to do ministry with Impact includes a calling to raise support. In fact, I’ve often said if we don’t raise our support then perhaps we’re being disobedient to God’s call for us. I believe it’s extremely difficult to raise support for a ministry we’re not sure God has called us to do. Plus it’s that bedrock conviction that God has called me to this ministry that helps sustain me through the times when the support is slipping or just not there.

313890922_1ee156f3ccNumber 2: I love what Scott Morton says in his book, Funding Your Ministry, about remembering the source of our support. People don’t give to us. They give to God!! When someone says, “No,” I often think they’ve rejected me, or they don’t like me. But the reality is they give to God and God provides for me. Read through Numbers 18 and look at the language used by God; verse 11 – the offerings presented to me . . . I have given them to you; verse 12 – I also give you the gifts brought by the people as offerings to the Lord.

It’s always from people to God and then from God to us. And we all need to remember – everything comes from God because it all belongs to Him.


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