Posted by: naccm | October 29, 2009

The Thursday3 – CCH @ Purdue University


Tell us about your campus/ministry…Purdue1

Purdue University, West Lafayette, is a walking campus of about 40,000 students.  Students predominantly study the arts, sciences, agriculture, and various forms of engineering, and our campus ministry is an accurate reflection of that.  Purdue also has one of the largest International student populations in the country, and offers many degrees that are among the best in their discipline.

What makes your campus/ministry unique, what is the niche?

Purdue Christian Campus House serves this campus by reaching out and providing a deeper community amidst such a large student population, and embracing the arts as a common language and expression of God’s love for us through worship, outreach, and studying the word of God.  We have Sunday services, a mid-week bible study, small groups, and are actively involved in missions and service locally and globally.  We come alongside students to further construct their faith in a way that is unique, filled with passion, and pointed purposefully at serving The Kingdom wherever their career takes them.

Starry Night 09Tell us your dream on a napkin…

We believe God has carefully crafted each individual with a unique makeup of gifts, experiences, failures, and successes.  We like to help those students explore these things, and become aware of their unique role in God’s plan.  Our desire is to see students progress in their faith from a place where they don’t desire to serve God, to where they begin to desire to serve Him, and finally to where they can’t not serve God with everything they do and everything they are.  My dream is that every single student takes the next step on this journey.


Jason Tennenhouse

Dana Marcellino

Garrett Curry
Minister of Outreach

Ken Liechty
Minister of Body Life

Rob Schrumpf
Minister of Teaching

Todd Burkholder
Minister of Worship

Adam Jahn
Technology Intern

Amanda Buck
Fellowship Intern

Anna Long
Fellowship Intern

Bethany Landis
Office Intern

Charlotte Messmer
Fellowship Intern

Jason Missi
Fellowship Intern

Zach McNulty
Fellowship Intern

Kevin Kerkhof
Greyhouse Manager

Ali Wisthuff
Greyhouse Intern

Brandon Salesberry
Financial Manager

Cara Watson
Women’s Ministry

Lea Schrumpf
Women’s Ministry


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