Posted by: Brandon | October 27, 2009

ResourceRoom —

One of the main thrusts of college ministry for years has been the small group. And, as with almost everything in campus ministry, we need to be sharing ideas, refining our methods, and leading our small groups into new places.

Enter From its own website, states that its “desire is to inspire, inform, encourage, coach, and train” better small group leaders. And the site is well on its way to doing so.

It offers free online video sessions on topics like, “What Are Some Different Types of Small Groups?”, “What is a Group’s Purpose?”, and “Strategies to Get People to Join.” There are 113 of these video!

There are also some online video small group training sessions offered for free. Topics include “The 4 Forces of Group Dynamics” and “Leading New Leaders”.

Finally, there is a massive number of free articles to read. 167 and counting, to be exact.

By the way, I know this sounds a bit self-serving, but recently our very own Tim Hawkins wrote the article, “Simple Three Point Tune-Up for Small Groups” for this blog that was picked up and recently published on You can see the post here!

All self-promotion aside, is a great resource and a hub for valuable small group ideas, materials, and training that will both benefit us as campus ministers and our students who lead small groups.


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