Posted by: naccm | October 22, 2009

The Thursday3 – CCF at NC State!


Tell us about your campus/ministry…ncstate2

NC State is a member of the greatest conference in college sports, the Atlantic Coast Conference. Our campus is home to over 30,000 students, with plans to reach 40,000 in a few short years. Considered the school that the “good ol’ boys” attend, the main areas of study are engineering, agriculture and veterinary medicine. In fact, one of our students runs a 500+ acre farm back at home from school, I’d say that is pretty impressive.  CCF has been at NC State since 1996. Our large group event is on Tuesday night and meets at 7:30p. We are blessed to have a Ministry Center on Hillsborough Street next to campus. If you’d like to stop by, just look for signs for Savage & Head Tattoo shop, we are right next door!
What is your niche or uniqueness to campus?

The other ministries here at NC State tell me that campus ministry here is different than at most other colleges. Campus Crusade here at NC State averages a weekly attendance of around 1000 students, and has about 25 staff on campus. I’m told it’s within the top 3 in terms of size in the United States.  We have found that our niche within the community is serving. Every week our students wake up at 4:30am to serve at the Raleigh Rescue Mission, some weeks we have to turn away volunteers! We also provide free rides home during a massive bar crawl at the end of every semester and we take the opportunity to serve hot, fresh pancakes on campus during breakfast hours.
What is your dream on a napkin?

We have the unique opportunity to move into an abandoned movie theatre on Hillsborough Street (our “main drag” next to campus), that also has additional space for offices and hanging out. Our dream is to use that theatre for our large group meetings, as well as host movie nights, lectures and dramas all for the bring Glory to Christ. Also, NC State is surrounded by smaller colleges. We are dreaming up ways to reach out to these often times over looked campuses and inviting them to Love God, Love People and Change the World.

Joe Blanchard
Lindsey Blanchard

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