Posted by: naccm | October 8, 2009

Thursday3 – Missouri Western State University



Christian Campus Fellowship at Missouri Western State University is led by:  Brian Graves, Campus Minister; Ashlie Zulkoski, Women’s Minister; Ian Cole, Associate Campus Minister

1.  Tell us about your campus and/or ministry…

Missouri Western State University is a mix of the traditional campus and a commuter campus and the rural student in and around the St Joseph area meets inner city student from Kansas City, St Louis and Chicago with a small number of international students sprinkled in. MWSU offers the traditional undergrad programs of which the nursing programs and the criminal justice programs are the best known. Our niche, I would say, is how we try to show Jesus’ love in how we serve. We still do the traditional large group bible study and small groups.

What is niche or uniqueness to campus?

Our best/ unique ideas come from the idea that we want to serve students and the community around us as much as we can. Some of the things we have done is…taking the students to the inner city of Kansas City to feed and hand out goods (that the students have donated) and to talk with and pray with the homeless that live and sleep in the park. A few times we have used our van and went to local bars and have given rides back to campus to students who shouldn’t be driving in hopes that we may see those same students on campus and itwill be an open door for further talks about Jesus. On campus we have done..handing out hot chocolate and cold days and using our 15 passenger van to transport students from the dorms to various class rooms around the campus on very cold and snowy days, taken out fellow students trash for them, taking their lunch trays back to the kitchen. We try to use various causes (Blood water project, homeless shelter, women’s abuse shelter, food banks) as ways to break through the doors of separation from the Greek student organizations and CCF to establish common ground between us.


What is your “dream on a napkin”?

Our five year dream would be to find better ways to reach out to the African American, inner city student more effectively and to have community with both rural and inner city students…black and white.

Find new avenues to continue to serve the students and community around us that would open doors of conversations about issues and hopefully conversations about Jesus.

Find new resources to fund new staff.


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