Posted by: naccm | October 7, 2009

35 Questions to Consider Before Asking for Church Support

Each Wednesday will be The GuestHouse, where for a month we will focus on a particular topic. In October, that will be fundraising, a topic that excites some and sends dread to the core of others.

billgroomThe following is given from Bill Groom, head of the missions committee at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX.  Compass has a fantastic and thorough Kingdom perspective on missions, and excited he has shared these with us.

35 Questions to Consider Before Asking for Church Support

1. Are you with an agency? Which one? Why?
2. What is the financial accountability?
3. Do you have a Board and/or an Agent?
4. What is your 501C3?
5. What is the reporting structure?
6. What is the mentoring plan?

7. What cultural training is planned?
8. What language base is needed/planned?
9. What is unique about you, your background?
10. What is urgent about the ministry that you need to share?
11. What moves you to the top of a list of many who are requesting funds?
12. What is your experience that might prepare you for this work?
13. What led you to the decision to go on this mission?
14. Where were your internships? What did you do?
15. What significant references do you have?

16. Show your resume clearly with formal education, career experience and volunteer experience
17. Show your budget clearly What do you need (be realistic)? What have your raised?
18. Does your budget include health insurance, savings, retirement?
19. Does your budget include furlough savings? When will you return?
20. Show a limited time frame to test the partnership; maybe 1-3 years
21. What makes you think this project will work? Are you joining an existing team?
22. A clear plan faith based with fresh, contemporary printed material
23. Can your sending churches get involved?
24. Can your sending churches help in one-time projects?
25. Are you tech savy?
26. Do you show your tech abilities with your materials?
27. Are you part of a team?
28. What do each of the team members bring to the table?
29. Is there a team time commitment? What is the time commitment?
30. Is your home church also your sending church? Why or why not?
31. Do you have any limitations that should be acknowledged up front?
32. Are there family, spouse, or parent concerns to discuss up front?
33. Do you have any personal debt to discharge before you can leave?
34. Be ready to explain your vision. What is your 5 year plan?
35. What is the role of the nationals [students/local churches] in this mission?


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